Compare SellBetter ToolBox to 1ShoppingCart

By Rich Hamilton

Occasionally we get this question:

"I've been looking around for a good shopping cart solution and compares exactly with 1ShoppingCart. What's the deal?"

Normally I wouldn't bother comparing systems because there are thousands of different systems and comparing would be exhaustive. I'll make an exception with 1ShoppingCart for a very good reason...

The core component in SellBetter ToolBox is exactly like 1ShoppingCart because it is 1ShoppingCart!

Here's the story: 1ShoppingCart markets itself primarily through other online marketers. Each marketer offers the product with their own product name, and the marketers are known as private label partners. There are over a hundred different product names out there, including MarketersChoice, WebMarketingMagic, KickStartCart, just to name a few. They all have exactly the same features and pricing, and are delivered by the same servers and the same support staff. (In fact, whichever one you buy you'll even be billed by 1ShoppingCart.)

So what's the big difference with SellBetter ToolBox?

The SellBetter ToolBox advantage is a big one.

Each marketer has the option to offer something additional as a value-added service. Frankly, most don't, but some do, usually in the form of an ebook, checklists, or video training on how to use the shopping cart. SellBetter ToolBox does that too, but goes a major step beyond:

With SellBetter ToolBox you get additional software apps that we developed to connect your websites successfully and easily to the shopping cart and email marketing tools that are provided in the core package. And it's all at no additional charge!

These apps include:

RYO Ebook Uploader plugin for WordPress. WordPress has a powerful media uploader as part of the Page/Post editing system, but it won't let you upload ebooks in the .mobi or .epub format required by Amazon's kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. This plugin changes that and allows the uploads without any need for ftp or other file transfer programs. It's as easy as uploading a picture. If you want to sell and deliver ebooks from your own website this is a godsend.

RYO Format Shortcodes plugin for WordPress. Simple shortcodes to set up columns, do audio playable by HTML5 browsers, insert a red-green buy button, add dashed “Order Form” box, and more. These are my favorite shortcodes, and they are available only to my clients, including users of SellBetter ToolBox.

You'll find more about all these elsewhere on this website. I think you'll find this an important distinction fueling your decision to use SellBetter ToolBox.

Should I change to SellBetter ToolBox if I already have another version of 1ShoppingCart?

That's up to you. While we don't encourage changing since both core products are the same, the exclusive software described above is available only for customers of the brand. If you want the additional power provided by that software, you will need to change.