Is Using WordPress a Requirement?

A client wrote, “Rich, after hearing what you said about WordPress I asked my web developer if he was using it to build my website. He said, ‘No, I’m not using WordPress. Since this is for a class on web development techniques, a system like WordPress that does a lot of that for you, wouldn’t […]

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What’s the Big Deal about WordPress?

By Rich Hamilton “Why do you and so many people keep talking about WordPress? Isn’t that for blogs?” WordPress is software that was originally written for blogging but has since been enhanced and is used for many kinds of websites. The simple answer explaining it’s popularity is this: WordPress is free software. It works well […]

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Compare SellBetter ToolBox to 1ShoppingCart

By Rich Hamilton Occasionally we get this question: “I’ve been looking around for a good shopping cart solution and compares exactly with 1ShoppingCart. What’s the deal?” Normally I wouldn’t bother comparing systems because there are thousands of different systems and comparing would be exhaustive. I’ll make an exception with 1ShoppingCart for a very good […]

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Businesss Tools and Services

I use many different tools in my business. Here I will share the specific tools I use. They have worked for me and they should work for you. But keep in mind that the perfect tool does not guarantee success, though it might make it easier. It’s what you do with the tools that counts. […]

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